Yomillio Biz Summit Investor Pitch Winners at Evoma OMR

On Non 4, the Biz Summit event hosted by Evoma OMR attracted a large crowd of startups founders, SME owners, business leaders, mentors, innovators and other stakeholders who are part of the business ecosystem across India and some from different countries.

We had startups competing to catch the attention of the attendees who included investors, mentors and some of the largest SME owners and directors in Bangalore.

The aim of the event was to bring together 0-6 year startups and SMEs and showcase the opportunities for business growth and sales acceleration by taking advantage of each others’ complementary capabilities.

Both SMEs and startups present (around 200) managed to raise hundreds of genuine leads and business opportunities through networking and opportunities to showcase their company and products.

One of these events on the agenda was a pitch qualifying event, with the winners qualifying for an actual investor DEMO DAY meet:

LICIT-Go Legal (Wild Card Entry Winner)

Worried about legal, tax or finance related cases? Get all your queries answered by experienced lawyers and legal advisors in just one click.

Licit-Go Legal at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore

Apart from legal advisory services, they also help clients by providing counselling for audit and company secretarial related issues. They have expert panel of lawyers across India. LICIT schedules a meeting or arrange chat session or telephonic discussion between clients and the lawyers they choose. A client has to book an appointment and make a payment.

Crop Domain (Wild Card Entry Winner)

The vision of this startup is to unlock the secrets of the soil, thus increasing the agricultural productivity of every farm and field, reducing the costs and efforts that make it hard for farmers to make ends meet.

Crop Domain at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore

They plan to revitalize rural development in communities across the country for this generation, and the next. Their mission is to promote chemical-free healthy agriculture best practices in the country.

Their work and research will make available bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants, etc. that are derived from all natural sources.

They pledge to create innovative, cost-effective solutions for customers, users and partners, which will benefit shareholders and the planet at large.

IYRIS Technologies (Best Networking)

They are a web design and development company established in 2010, offering services in digital marketing, user interface design, SEO, eCommerce development, web design and development, mobile application development, etc.

IYRIS was awarded a WILD CARD ENTRY to the DEMO DAY pitch event for their top in class networking – they generated some 20 odd leads from amongst the present SMEs and business leaders.


It is a product intended to allow for interactions between participants and moderator of a meeting through secure WI-FI. No downloads are required, no wiring for the organizer, no preliminary downloads for the users.

Hubbler at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore

Hubbler works on any smartphone, tablet or laptop, connecting to the secured Hubbler WI-FI network, so there’s no need of Internet either.


Cloop App helps to capture the best moments of your life to create awesome videos together. It helps to build videos the fun way. There are options to add captions, stickers, music, and share options.

Cloop at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore


United Nanotech Innovations Pvt. Ltd. is a bulk Graphene manufacturer, producer and supplier from Bangalore, India. Claims to be world’s cheapest Graphene manufacturer in two grades, and the only tonnage capacity producer in India. 

UNIPL at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore


Their iSeeU platform is a med-connect solution for real time continuous remote monitoring of health parameters of critical patients. This affordable and smart platform helps a specialist ICU doctor to monitor remotely smaller ICUs at tier 2 and tier 3 places.

iSeeU at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore


This startup intends to connect everyone on real-time search, with easy integration for their instant contact and more. Their app will help you engage in categories or explore a million suggestions, rather than just wondering what other instant need you have. They are also launching a messenger for instant contact.

Loopixer at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore


This startup helps connect startups with investors. They have automated startup ratings and an advisory platform to help them take control of their growth. They help investor to build perfect portfolios, with customised analysis and high quality interactions.

21Dojo at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore

Pitch Decks

They aim to provide a synergetic platform where you can find the resources, talent and tools needed to grow your idea and scale your business. Their skilled designers and experienced consultants can collaborate with you to get the best idea on print.

Pitchdecks at Evoma Biz Summit in Bangalore

Whether you are a startup, mid-sized SME or a large company, they help you design presentations and marketing material of all shapes and sizes. It will be of use even if you are considering redesigning your existing content.

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