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India is already a member of the exclusive club of obese nations, with around 5% of its population affected with this malady. The IT and tech workforce takes a large and unhealthy slice of this 5%. Definitely, you don’t want to be one of them.

In this post, I’m sharing with you a few things that we provide at Evoma to our startup and SME businesses and entrepreneurs, that helps keep them physically and mentally fit and strong.

Evoma workspace Bangalore health fitness

According to a study by a team of researchers from the University of Bristol and Leeds Metropolitan University, workers who spend 30-60 minutes exercising at lunch see an average 15 percent increase in their performance level. On the days they exercised, sixty percent of employees reported an improvement in time management skills, mental performance, and the ability to meet deadlines.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of your office and workplace? Maybe it’s the ambience, your colleagues, boss, the location, food, and so forth. But health and fitness is usually not on this list.

Apart from the regular physical benefits like weight gain, blood pressure and the cardiovascular impact, evidence has surfaced from recent studies which point to another, more immediate benefit – the impact on the way you think. The amount of exercise you get at your workplace impacts the following cognitive benefits:

  • Improved concentration level;
  • The quickness of mind – razor sharp memory;
  • Improved grasping power;
  • Fewer instance of Mental fatigue;
  • Rise in creativity level;
  • Drastic reduction of stress; and
  • Improved positive emotional state.

Our mental alertness is directly related to our physical regimen and nowhere else is this implication more relevant than to our workplace performance. There is scientific evidence to prove that exercise during the regular work hours spikes workplace performance.

  • The study on the influence of daytime exercise, by Leeds Metropolitan University, among office workers with access to a company gym, reports employees managing their time more effectively, increasing their productivity, better their relationship with colleagues and going back home a satisfied person.

At Evoma, we understand this concept of health and fitness regimen during work hours very well, and that’s what inspired us to go the extra mile in providing our businesses and entrepreneurs and all their employees with these dedicated facilities:

Fitness Centre at Evoma Old Madras Road, KR Puram

Evoma Bangalore office gym

Improve your health and fitness at any time during the day or night, whenever you have some free time, under the expert guidance of our ACE certified Instructors. The gym, designed to deliver the ultimate fitness experience, will also help you find inner strength and harmony.

This fully air conditioned gym is fitted with, apart from Treadmill, Exercise Bikes, Dumbbells, and Barbells, the latest equipment like:

  • Rowing Machine.
  • Stepper Machine.
  • Cables and Pulleys.
  • Lat Pulldown Machine.
  • Leg Curl Machine.
  • Bench Press.
  • Inclined Bench Press.
  • Preacher Bench.

Outdoor Swimming Pool at Evoma OMR.

Evoma startup office space

Take a refreshing break and swim your way to health in the large and scenic outdoor pool at Evoma. Swimming is a low-impact activity that can be continued for a lifetime with many physical and mental health benefits that will do wonders for your work life, energy levels and productivity.

  • The most relaxing and tranquil form of exercise.
  • Refreshes your mind and thoughts.
  • Helps develop a sense of self-worth.
  • An effective stress buster.
  • Improved coordination and balance.
  • Low impact therapy for many known conditions.

Low-Calorie Specials from Chef Zaki at Evoma.

Low calorie meals at Evoma

Exercise and following a healthy diet plan is the answer out. As this article has shown; you can work-out during work hours, but do you have time to plan & prepare a low-calorie meal plan.

Let Evoma’s Chef Zaki worry about your low-calorie meals while you take care of your exercise regimen. And this is how it works:

  • Customised diet plan.
  • Special healthy food menu.
  • High nutrient ingredients.
  • Garden fresh recipes.

The Palms at Evoma.

Evoma OMR

Lastly, The Palms at Evoma is a lush green poolside garden and lawn spread across an acre of land, probably one of the few Bangalore workspaces where you get to commune with mother nature in the midst of a bustling city.

Relax, take off your shoes and stroll on the grass, do Pranayama or whatever other techniques you use to de-stress.

You have all these health and fitness facilities and lots more at Evoma – dining, recreation, sports and entertainment. But don’t get so caught up in it that you become a fitness freak and forget about your business and work. We want you to be healthy and successful startups.

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