Inside Sales Tools for SaaS Founders

This guide on inside sales tools for SaaS founders, originally published on ProductNation, was written by Neel Padmanabhan, Global Client Partner, Enterprise Business and GM India, Lucep.

We want to share with all you SaaS founders the valuable information and tools listed in this post, which takes you through the flow of the entire inside sales process. You’ll find tips and inside sales tools for everything from content creation to marketing, promotion tools, lead generation, marketing automation, lead management and analytics.

See the full slideshow:

Inside sales tools for SaaS founders

Inside sales tools for SaaS Founders (download as pdf)

What’s in this slideshow:

Inside sales strategy flow

1. How to create good content

2. Distribution of content

  • start contributing on reddit, especially to a subreddit
  • sign up to
  • use services like quuu to distribute or share content
  • invest in fb paid ads
  • use article syndication services like outbrain or taboola to engage
  • use b2b intent engine like bombora
  • use buzzsumo to build the list and check what competitors are sharing
  • use buzzstream to manage the outreach
  • reach out to journalists using tools like haro and bite size pr .
  • Use newsletters


3. Tools for leveraging social media (Lead Sift, Leadfeeder, EngageWise, Ad Espresso)

4. Tools for SEO – Screaming Frog, All in SEO plugin for WordPress

5. Creating data (scrape websites for data) – Builtwith, Zoominfo, Scrappy, Limeleads, Dun & Bradstreet

6. Mass mailers – Klenty, Prospect, Quickmail, Outreach

7. Analytics – Crazy Egg, Hotjar, MixPanel, Google Analytics, Heap, Inspectlet

8. Marketing automation – Intercom, Lucep, Autopilot, Marketo

9. A/B Testing, MVT – Unbounce, Optimizely, VWO, Landingi

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