Food Delivery Startups Making Home Meals More Tasty

Food delivery startups are the “in” thing these days, and Evoma happens to be a hospitality company with an established daily meal delivery and catering business in Bangalore.


We also have hundreds of startup founders and their employees having buffet lunch downstairs everyday here at Evoma OMR.

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In this post, I want to explore how innovative food delivery startups and their technology is making home meals tastier while connecting culinary experts and restaurants to a new untapped F&B market segment within home food delivery.

1. Swiggy – Order food online from your favorite restaurants.

For the record, Evoma has a partnership with Swiggy under which we deliver food to people who order it online. In fact, it’s ridiculously easy to order any kind of food you want from Swiggy.

swiggy order food onlineYou just go to the website or app, choose the food and/or drinks you like, and it shows you a list of restaurants and home cooking options, along with the price.

You pick the one you like, and you confirm the order. On the other side, they have people who sign up to deliver orders that have been placed.

Swiggy is the Uber of food.

The one who is able to pick up the order from the restaurant and deliver it to you gets a notification and agrees to deliver. When this delivery reaches your doorstep, you pay for the food and delivery. This includes the restaurant bill, the delivery person’s charge, and Swiggy’s cut.

Throw in super-fast delivery, live order tracking which tells you where the delivery person is at that minute, and no minimum amount. It makes for a very attractive food delivery business model, which is Evoma has tied up with them for delivery to our customers who want to order food online.

2. Uber Eats.

uber eats appSwiggy wants to be the Uber of food, but Uber already has Uber Eats, a dedicated Uber app for food delivery.

Look for restaurant, dish or cuisine. When you place the order, you see the estimated time for delivery and the price, and you can pay using your Uber account.

3. Runnr – On demand food delivery to your doorstep.

They have a large fleet of delivery people signed up, and any food delivery startup that wants to make use of them can pay for food delivery as a service. With live tracking and proper order management, Runnr has made over 5 crore deliveries for over 5,000 participating merchants and more than 10,000 partners.

4. Freshmenu – Fresh ingredients, fresh menu.


Freshmenu aims to address two pain points – The lack of fresh ingredients when you order food online, and the boredom of facing the same menu day in and day out when you order from the same place.

5. Doordash.

Doordash is a simple food delivery company that delivers anywhere you are, with 110,000 menus from over 600 cities. They’re aiming to do some social good too, by trying to get some of the $165 billion worth of food wasted every year into the hands and mouths of hungry families.

6. Latenight – It’s never too late at Latenight.

Most of the food delivery services will not be taking your order after midnight or 1:00 am at most. But Latenight was built specifically to fill this gap, by providing a nighttime food delievr service. Their delivery service is provided as a service by Urban Piper.

7. Urban Piper.

This is an online food order platform that can be used by restaurants. Includes branded mobile apps and a website, along with a dashboard to add and edit menu items, pricing, offers and more.

Urban Piper also allows you to implement a loyalty program and set up marketing automation, segmentation, and omnichannel customer engagement in the form of automated campaigns and offers.

8. FoodPanda – Making online food ordering fast and easy.

As one of the oldest food startups, Foodpanda has now expanded it’s online food order business to include over 10,000 restaurants across every major Indian city with a sizeable population.

9. Grow Fit.

growfit stay fit programGrow Fit , founded by Jyotsna Pattabiraman, makes use of AI to help people with correcting lifestyle issues, simply by connecting them to a large group of food technologists, doctors, nutritionists, dietitians and others who want to help.

Their meal programs are scientifically designed to help you grow fit and stay fit with a whole grain office lunch and a transformational approach to health.

10. AVA – Mobility as a Service.

In their own words, AVA (Always Vital Available) is a “platform that allows access to the individually desired foods on a cross-means of transportation basis during the entire journey time.” A more simple explanation is that AVA provides food and mobility as a service.

It means that travel service providers, including bus companies, trains, air carriers, hotels and other points that are in transit can make use of AVA to give their customers the kind of food they want, instead of a standard menu.

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