Creating Office Space for Rent Using Location Data

Evoma’s first hybrid model of a business hotel combined with office space in Bangalore dates back to 2004-5. We have now expanded to four business centers in key locations across the city, all designed and situated to cater to different kinds of businesses in varying stages of growth.

Evoma business centers in BangaloreIn this post, we want to share with you how we create an office space for rent, making use of location data, tools and design features matching the demographics and needs of clients we expect will make use of that specific facility.

We also factor in future trends, such as the need for flexible and scalable office space, coworking, real estate as a service, and 24/7 connectivity with remote teams.

1. Borewell Road, Whitefield – Corporate headquarters, startup space, cafeteria and coworking

2. EPIP Zone – Large shared office seat spaces for branch offices of industrial businesses and their service providers.


The Borewell Road Evoma was our first pilot project, created to fill a need – the lack of working office space for people in Whitefield who didn’t want to take up a full-time office near their homes. As an extension of this location-based need, we set up another business center in the Prestige Featherlite Tech Park in EPIP.

This is where the location data really makes a big difference when you’re creating office space. The Borewell Evoma is just 10 minutes from the EPIP Evoma, with huge companies include SAP Labs and Mindtree. Companies who like the idea of having a branch office in close proximity to the world’s largest corporate customers come to us all the time.

evoma borewell to epip whitefield

To existing customers in the EPIP center, we suggest their top management should take up a corporate headquarters office in Borewell Road. Startups located at Borewell Road work with and learn from our enterprise companies and mentors located in both Whitefield centers. This is the kind of synergy that we create by matching location data and customer profiles.

Now let me take you on a tour of each faciliy, to explain how the location and design of each one matches the customers and the needs of the people who use it.

Borewell Road, Whitefield

As you can see from the map above, the Evoma Business Center on Borewell Road, Whitefield, is perfectly located to serve the startups and top management of the companies nearby in the tech parks and industrial zones.

Nestled in a quiet and residential area on Borewell Road, opp the Whitefield Post Office, the lush gardens and leafy surroundings keep out the hustle and bustle of Whitefield traffic. Even so, it’s just 10 minutes from Hope Farm and EPIP, all of which makes it perfect for corporate headquarters offices for CEOs and top management.

The office space, interior and office space are therefore designed and created to cater to these two segments of our customers. Board rooms, meeting rooms and offices with a very nice view are available for corporate headquarters.

Evoma Whitefield meeting room

It’s also very appealing to startups who work with the large companies nearby. For startups, we have flexible office spaces combined with coworking space on the roof, along with a cafeteria and coffee machine.

Evoma coworking community

EPIP Zone, Whitefield

It’s perfectly located in the Featherlite Tech Park, between SAP, Oracle, Mindtree and Qualcomm. Not to mention the Karnatka Trade Promotion Organisation, KIADB and other government authorities whose job it is to support the companies in this industrial zone. It’s also just 10 minutes from Hope Farm, and minutes away Phoenix Market City, Forum Neighborrhood Mall and other commercial hubs in Whitefield.

So if you have a growing startup or SME business in Whitefield, and your customers are these large enterprise companies and other SMEs in this area, then we have you completely covered between these two business centers.

Your management can meet with the board, clients and business partners in the nice office space in Borewell Road, and enjoy the environment. Your sales, customer support and other teams can be in EPIP, close to your customers and able to get to them within minutes.

The office space in EPIP is therefore cavernous and large, designed to be scalable and accommodate fast-growing teams and growth-stage SMEs.

Evoma Business Center reception


This is how we create office space for rent, combining location data and customer profiles at multiple locations into a single ecosystem where:

1. Large enterprises get real estate as a service, lowering their operational costs by up to 40%;

2. SMEs are able to locate right next to their biggest customers, and scale as needed; and

3. Startups get resources and access to a corporate environment that is invaluable for fast growth.

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