Bangalore Effective Education Task Force

On Friday, Dec 07, 2018, Evoma is hosting the 3rd Annual BEETF Symposium. BEETF is the Bangalore Effective Education Task Force, a project with a mission to provide all urban poor children in Bangalore an effective education.

The theme of the event is “BRIDGING GAPS IN EDUCATION: CREATING SUSTAINABLE SOCIAL EQUITY” and is being organised by Let’s Do Some Good Foundation, Samridhdhi Trust, Manipal Foundation & LetsEndorse.

Corporates, NGOs, Government Departments, Funding Agencies, Academia, Philanthropists, Social Clubs, & Volunteers will come together at this event.

Freshly released Census data reveals two alarming facts: as many as 78 lakh Indian children are forced to earn a livelihood even as they attend schools while 8.4 crore children don’t go to school at all. The latter group constitutes nearly 20 per cent of the age group covered under the Right to Education Act (RTE).

Poverty and increasing cost of education, among many other contributing factors, exacerbate the problem as more and more children join the workforce, never join school, or drop out of school. The 2015 UNESCO e-atlas on out-of-school children (OOSC) reports that India has one of the highest OOSC population worldwide. Bangalore itself has thousands of children who fall under this category.

To address this issue, Let’s Do Some Good Foundation and Samridhdhi Trust started an initiative to provide access to universal effective education to all underprivileged children in Bangalore through collaboration between multiple stakeholders.

The first Symposium was conducted in December, 2013 as a fall-out of which, Let’s Do Some Good Foundation and Samridhdhi Trust formed the Bangalore Effective Education Task Force (BEETF), a voluntary consortium that comprises many corporates, NGOs/NPOs, academia, and individuals who work/support work in this space.

BEETF works very closely with Sarva Shikshya Abhiyan (SSA) and the Department of Public Instruction, Karnataka to complement their efforts to make this dream a reality. Manipal Foundation is a key partner for this project. Currently BEETF has 75 organisations in its network and this number is growing rapidly.

BEETF’s vision is to provide access to universal effective education to all urban deprived children in Bangalore, with the long-term goal of denting the vicious cycle of poverty through education and employment, leading to social and economic upliftment of the under-privileged sections of society.

The objective of this symposium is to bring together like-minded NGOs/NPOs, corporates and individuals working on the common goal to eradicate illiteracy and to showcase the good work being done in this space and:

  • Facilitate networking
  • Promote Knowledge and best practice sharing
  • Explore funding opportunities
  • Promote collaboration for wider, faster, deeper impact

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